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Whole-Person Wellness at Westminster

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Wellness is much more than how often we work out and what we eat. Wellness isn’t just maintaining our physical health but also maintaining our mental and emotional health. We know that frequent social contact with others is one of the ways that happiness is maintained over a lifetime. Here at Westminster we work to provide a wide variety of ways to connect with neighbors and friends. There are many opportunities to boost mental and cognitive wellness. Our Life Enrichment Director, Rachel Gill, provides daily opportunities to socialize in a setting that supports engagement and connection. Our discussion groups cover a wide range of topics and offer a place to share your opinions and hear the viewpoints of others. Support groups offer a place to find encouragement and share your struggles and triumphs. Book groups provide discussion opportunities and expose residents to stories and topics that they might not have found on their own. Cognition boosting groups use curricula that has been proven to help older adults maintain and even boost their memories and problem-solving skills. In these ways, we can enjoy one another’s company and focus on wellness increasing our happiness and life satisfaction along the way.

This month, we are offering four Resident Discussion Groups:

Chance – What does chance mean? Does true randomness exist? Do you believe that events in the universe always have a cause? What informs your belief?

Poverty – Is poverty in society inevitable? Do wealthy individuals, organizations or nations have an obligation to help others? How do individuals experiencing poverty impact the society as a whole?

Community – How are our social identities and personalities molded by our communities? How important is community to human development? What makes a community thrive?

Vulnerability – What is vulnerability? Why is it important in human relationships? What is the relationship between vulnerability and leadership?

Other ongoing resident groups include:

Caregiver Support

Parkinson’s Support Group

Fit Minds

Book Group