Senior Rehabilitation in Austin, TX

Getting you well. Getting you home.

For more than 10 years, the short-term rehabilitation services at Westminster have earned the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid’s 5-Star rating — the highest ranking possible.

Our rehabilitation team knows precisely how to help you regain the strength and mobility you need to reenter your regular life and get back to being your best. Whether you or a loved one is planning to schedule an operation or recovering from an event such as a stroke, heart attack or orthopedic surgery, a short-term stay at Westminster can help you transition from hospital to home.

There’s a better way between hospital and home.
We’ll work with your physicians to create a short-term rehabilitation plan just for you. Use the form on this page to get things started.


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Everything you need to recover. Right here.

Our short-term rehabilitation services include physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

Senior Rehabilitation Therapies

Physical Therapy

  • Training in mobility, gait stability, posture and positioning
  • Exercise programs to increase muscle function, coordination and endurance
  • Joint and soft tissue mobilization to increase range of motion

Occupational Therapy

  • Education and training in areas such as dressing, bathing, eating and grooming
  • Activities for memory, orientation and cognitive integration
  • Adaptive techniques or equipment to overcome physical disabilities
  • Strengthening and coordination exercises
  • Exercises to maintain normal joint movement to reduce the effects of arthritis or other conditions

Speech Therapy

  • Recovery of speech, language and memory skills
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication, including programs for the hearing-impaired
  • Oral muscle strength and functioning required for speaking and swallowing
  • Appropriate dietary recommendations

Short-Term Rehabilitation Q&A