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Westminster Loves its Volunteer Heroes

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April is National Volunteer Appreciation Month and Westminster
is home to many of these volunteer heroes.
Among our most valuable
are our resident volunteers. A group of Westminster residents
themselves, they are a diverse collection of individuals who volunteer
their time and energy to lead activities within the health center. With
activities ranging from football tailgate parties and flowering arranging,
to one-on-one visits with residents in the health center, the resident
volunteers each bring their own creativity and initiative to the
task of creating a true sense of community and purpose for our residents
in our health center.

Judy Lindfors is the head of the Volunteer Committee and she says
what strikes her the most is the diverse participation and the individually
inspired and carried out activities. Resident volunteers take their
own initiative far outside the schedule of activities and she is really
impressed with the way everyone participates.

Every day we strive to provide a dignified and community-oriented
existence to our residents that mirrors the lives they enjoyed before
coming to live with us. Our resident volunteer program is one of the
greatest examples of that in action. Providing not only stimulation and
entertainment, but also the sense of community we always strive to create
through our day to day operations. As an absolutely critical piece of our mission, it cannot be overstated how valuable and appreciative our community is for the hard work and dedication of our resident volunteers. A heartfelt thanks to all our resident volunteers!