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Proud of What We Have Accomplished Together

Spring is a transitional time of year, when the cold begins to dwindle away, plants and flowers spring into bloom and the light begins to shine brightly. Every day, Westminster associates are brightening our community and enhancing the Westminster Experience for our residents and their guests. We recently had the privilege of highlighting our associates at a virtual Employee Awards Ceremony. This event not only recognizes the achievements of our associates, but also reflects the values these awardees exemplify, such as discipline, dedication, and compassion. Westminster’s award ceremony is a treasured occasion for residents and associates alike, as it provides the opportunity to reflect on the preceding year’s successes and achievements.

Despite challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic over the last year, our associates continue to serve the community with heart, purpose, and courage, balancing the needs of their Westminster family with their own families at home. The pandemic reshaped society, but Westminster persevered with its commitment to maintain the safety and security of our residents, associates, and guests. It was our proactive response that shaped our positive outcomes. I could not be more proud of our residents and associates for trusting in Westminster’s leadership, committing to one another, and the adhering to all safety precautions. We experienced a historic, week-long snow and ice storm that swept over Texas leaving millions without power and food; Many of our residents’ families and associates were trapped in their homes, wondering when relief was coming. Thankfully, as a retirement community, Westminster remained on the power grid and our residents were safe and comfortable. Many of our associates continue to serve above and beyond the call of duty and bunked here rather than maneuvering dangerous roads. Safety is our primary concern and we take care of our people.

Let us welcome the spring season with an attitude of gratitude, peace, and a fresh start of new progress. United we are extraordinary, together.

-Chuck Borst, Executive Director