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The 8 Undeniable Benefits of Moving to Residential Living

happy senior couple hugging on a fall day

Are you ready to simplify your life and gain the freedom to do whatever you want? Then you need to experience the many benefits of independent living for seniors.

Many older adults think these age-restricted, residential communities are merely for long-term care, when they actually open the door to a higher quality of life that lasts throughout your retirement. Check out these 8 reasons you should move into an independent living community and get ready to experience life without boundaries. 

1. Live carefree and maintenance-free  

You don’t have to worry about the hassles and costs of keeping up with house repairs or yardwork because independent living also means maintenance-free living. This means you can get back time to do things you’ve been dreaming about, like spending more time with your grandkids, working on your fitness routine or taking that vacation you’ve always wanted. 

At Westminster, all of our senior living options are warm, inviting and maintenance-free, while also offering a continuum of care. That’s why we like the term “residential living.” Because you’re not just independent, you’re home!

2. Spend less time balancing your budget

Not only can you kick your chores to the curb with independent living, but you can also spend less time balancing the books. Many senior living communities like Westminster in Austin, TX, have apartment homes that include most of your utilities, like electric, water, waste disposal and basic cable. Some residents prefer convenient, scheduled transportation over driving their cars, which also eliminates insurance and car payments. 

3. Find plenty of social opportunities 

It’s not a secret that one of the best features of any independent living community is the wealth of social opportunities. From informal get-togethers to scheduled events, off-site outings and resident clubs, there’s never a dull moment in independent living. 

4. Wellness programs designed around you

Wellness programs at senior living communities promote a healthy mind, body and soul. That’s why you’ll find amenities like on-site fitness centers, swimming pools, yoga studios, walking loops, creative arts studios, community gardens and game rooms.

5. Only cook when you when you want

Though most senior apartment homes in independent living come with full kitchens fit for your inner Julia Child, you only have to cook when you want to. At Westminster, we offer restaurant-style dining at The Laurel and casual indoor/outdoor dining at The Bistro, with á la carte dining available throughout the day, which means you can keep your on-the-go lifestyle without ever missing a meal.  

6. Reinvent yourself with unique amenities 

Retirement is the perfect time to reinvent yourself. Independent living communities offer a variety of unique and enjoyable amenities that can ignite a new passion and spark your creativity. Express yourself in a poetry club, smile wide in laughter yoga, or use your green thumb at the community garden.

7. Enjoy a lock-and-leave lifestyle 

Along with a built-in community, independent living also offers a lock-and-leave lifestyle, which means you can take a lengthy road trip or a cruise around the world, without having to worry about something happening to your home. You’ll have your neighbors keeping an eye on your front door, and you can always rely on top-notch security features to keep your home safe.

8. Find value with priority access to care

One of the most overlooked benefits of independent living in a community like Westminster is the access to an on-site continuum of care. As you move through retirement and your health needs change, you’ll always have priority access to higher levels of living, such as assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care, within the community in the future, and usually at far below market rates. You’ll never have to worry about moving away from your spouse or leaving your friends behind.

Design Your Own Retirement With Independent Living at Westminster

At our senior living community in Austin, TX, we offer independent living with a heavy emphasis on independence. Discover how you can design your own retirement in our one-bedroom senior apartments, and see how you can unlock the door to incredible amenities and experiences, knowing a continuum of care is right there if you ever need it. To schedule a tour of Westminster or to ask any questions, contact our residency counselors online, and we’ll be in touch shortly!