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Making Waves at Westminster

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Starting in October, we are offering four weekly water exercise classes in the pool as part of our wellness program. Exercising in the water is fun, easy on the joints, and effectively improves fitness. Below are some of the special qualities of water that provide wonderful benefits.


The buoyancy of the water supports your body weight, reducing impact and mechanical stress on the joints, muscles, and bones. As a result, you can move more comfortably and easily in the water. Even when you are pushing yourself to exercise vigorously, your sense of effort will be reduced.

Resistance and Pressure

Water is denser than air, therefore it pushes against the body in all directions. This helps stabilize the joints, while giving something for your muscles to work against. Because the resistance is all around, it stimulates muscle activation in a balance way. This multi-directional pressure also massages the entire body, reducing inflammation and promoting healthy circulation.


The flow and eddies created in the water as we move challenge us to be stable and increase the workload. In combination with the density of water, a perfect environment is available for us to work against to develop muscle strength, cardiovascular endurance, movement control, and balance.

Fun and Relaxation

Humans connect with water in a profound way. Being in water, moving, feeling weightless, and splashing around can lift your spirit and relax your mind. Exercising in the water feels more like play than work. It’s fun!

Join one of the new classes! You will be glad you did.

Classes start October 1st at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday and Friday, with long-time volunteer leader Lane FosterHarrell, and 11:00 a.m. Monday and Thursday with experienced water fitness instructor and trainer Ann Culver.

Questions? Contact Eve Chenu, Wellness Coordinator

(512) 454-4711 [email protected]