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How Lifelong Learning Helps You as You Age

a senior woman uses a laptop for lifelong learning

As the proverb goes: “You’re never too old to learn. That said, living in a college town may be your fountain of youth. This is especially true when you choose to live at Westminster in Austin, Texas, where you’ll have access to programs within the Westminster community as well as the courses at the University of Texas, Austin. In this post, we’ll discuss how lifelong learning helps you as you age, and give you an idea of where the best place is to keep learning for life.

Knowledge Can Help Reverse Aging

Studies have shown that people who keep active mentally lead happier, more youthful lives. In fact, an article published by Harvard Medical School touted that going back to school can slow cognitive aging. Another study showed that when people in their 60, 70s, and 80s took three college courses at the same time, at the end of only six weeks, their assessing, thinking, and memory testing scores were similar to those of middle-aged adults. And according to the RAL National Association, lifelong learning improves brain function, mental well-being, social life and capabilities, and life span. Westminster in Austin, Texas, a Life Plan Community, provides you with opportunities that will help keep you learning and growing.

How Living at Westminster Keeps You Feeling Young

Senior living at Westminster makes it easy to stay  immersed in the arts, culture and everything else  you love about Austin. Right on our community campus, you can choose  to participate in book clubs, poetry groups, Pilates and yoga sessions, computer classes, and many other educational and social opportunities.
Westminster is also conveniently located near everything you love about Austin. Here, you’ll also have easy access to shopping, dining, banking, grocers, pharmacists, medical services and the UT campus.

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at University of Texas, Austin

The UT, Austin  Lifelong Learning Program for adults who are 50 or better offers myriad  courses, seminars and experiences. There are six robust programs to choose from. Courses are led by instructors that include UT professors, local academics and scholars. These courses are offered in different venues and formats, including  traditional classes, discussion panels and field trips. They cover a wide range of subjects, including art, literature, music, history, science and technology. Imagine taking a class about Dr. Zhivago and A Gentleman In Moscow: Literary and Historical Perspectives or on Fake News/Fake Democracy: The Crisis of Journalism and Politics. There is something for everyone. And you’ll have bragging rights of attending a university that’s ranked #38 in National Universities by U.S. News.

Lifelong Learning Makes For a Longer Life

Live, learn, and love life in a city that’s vibrant and full of opportunities for all. Interested in furthering your education in your retirement? Westminster senior living community’s proximity to UT Austin will help that dream come true. Contact us to learn more.