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Geriatric Nursing Is Having a Resurgence. Here’s Why You Should Jump on the Bandwagon.

Nurse laughing with senior living resident

I worked nights in a senior living community as a CNA during nursing school. At the time, working the night shift at a long-term care facility didn’t feel as glamorous as my future labor and delivery nursing endeavors. But it ended up being one of the most rewarding milestones of my healthcare career thus far. I still remember most of my residents, their names, their family members, and their funerals. But unfortunately, this long-term emotional connection was seldom conducive in the hospital setting.

Where else could you exchange Valentine’s cards with residents, learn about their favorite TV shows, and celebrate the new hat they bought in anticipation of their next round of chemo?

Here’s why you should consider jumping on the bandwagon, too.

It’s Not the Old Senior Living Industry

About 60 million people will turn 65 by the year 2030, according to Charles (“Chuck”) Borst, LNFA, CP, CDP, CADDCT, and Executive Director of Westminster, a senior living community in Austin, TX. Borst says that the senior living specialty is “exploding.” It’s also not the old senior living industry it was decades ago. Borst assures that these new-school facilities are creating an abundant culture where healthcare staff is critical to helping residents feel fulfilled and age in place.

Lisa Dunlap, an NP, nurse burnout coach, and the founder of Nurse Your Soul says that any job that lowers stress, aligns with your core values, and gives you meaning is a “cool job.” Your ideal nursing specialty might change as your core values and career goals morph over the years. Keeping an open mind to new opportunities that might work well for you is essential.

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