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Enjoy a Peaceful, Stress-Free Holiday Season

a group yoga at Westminster

The holidays are a time of festivities, but for many people, this time of year can also be a source of stress. Fortunately, Westminster’s Wellness Program offers activities that can help you feel calmer and more joyful. Did you know that regular exercise helps reduce anxiety and depression significantly? Here are our top 5 recommendations that are particularly helpful in fostering a sense of mental and emotional well-being:

  1. Seated Qigong
    This class consists of a series of 10 movements, performed slowly while seated. This practice is designed to improve physical health, calm the mind, and open the heart. It enhances core control, posture, breath, and circulation. It is appropriate for anyone, even those with limited mobility. Students often remark how peaceful they feel after completing this meditative practice.Tuesdays and Thursdays 3pm-3:30pm in the Solarium
  2. Yoga
    This class involves a variety of postures, performed slowly and with concentration. They are designed to calm the disposition while enhancing strength and flexibility. Standing, seated, and floor exercises may be included.Fridays 9:30am-10:15am in the Solarium
  3. Massage
    Did you know that there is a massage chair in the Preston and Annex gyms? It’s available 24/7 to help loosen tight spots in your back. Or ask Eve Chenu, wellness coordinator, for a list of recommended massage therapists. (512) 454-4711 ext. 2295  [email protected]
  4. Walking
    Walking is great exercise. Enhance the mental wellness benefits by combining it with healthy “add-ons”, such as walking with a friend, enjoying the outdoors, or being curious about your surroundings as you walk along. Why not join the walking group on a field trip and explore a variety of locations in the company of other residents?Monday December 13 we travel to the Mueller Development, and December 27 to the Boardwalk at Lady Bird Lake. 9:30am departure.Pre-registration required.
  5. Water exercise
    Being in the water supports the joints, provides muscle resistance, and lightens the spirit. This fitness modality feels more like play than exercise. Treat yourself to a soak in the spa after your workout for a blissful experience.Aqua Fit Mondays and Thursdays 11am-11:45amGentle Water Exercise Tuesdays and Fridays 10:30am-11:15am