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Artful Senior Living in Austin, TX.

Mary Lynn Woodall wasn’t looking to move into Westminster right away. But a one-bedroom residence became available and her house sold quickly and the rest is history. Her daughter, a professional photographer and artist, helped her move in, arrange furniture and hang their art on the walls. Mary Lynn isn’t sentimental. She found that giving away furniture to her children and charity is freeing. She loves her cozy one-bedroom “treehouse apartment” with plenty of color and natural light.

Before retiring five years ago, Mary Lynn taught art and later served as a counselor at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School. She was a single parent and the faculty was like family. Both her children live in Austin. Her son has physical disabilities and Westminster easily accommodates his wheelchair.

Coincidentally, Mary Lynn’s neighbors on her former street moved into Westminster on the same day so her community consists of old and new friends. She found the “newcomer” dinners so helpful in breaking the ice that she volunteered to serve on the Greeting Committee. She takes advantage of the pool and exercise classes and plans to paint again. She’s learning to play the dulcimer, a portable substitute for her Baby Grand, which didn’t make the transition to Westminster.

Besides enjoying the conveniences and lifestyle of Westminster, Mary Lynn “loves having the long-term health care insurance.” She comes and goes as she pleases knowing she’s safe and cared for. She’s discovered the essence of retirement.

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