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8 Dimensions to Wellness

Here at Westminster in Austin, TX. we support the 8 dimensions of wellness that Life Care Services has outlined as strong supports to physical and mental wellbeing.

As a cornerstone of wellness, physical activities are planned and directed by our fitness professional Amanda Bruner, our personal trainer, who is available to support physical wellness. Amanda also hosts socially distanced
group exercise. See the calendar for details.

Support for the challenges that come with aging can give seniors comfort and strength in difficult times— and learning to cope with and adapt to life’s changes builds emotional well-being. Here at Westminster we have an onsite Social Worker, our Life Enrichment Director, Rachel Gill. She facilities groups for emotional support and can provide individual support as needed or link you to other resources for emotional wellness.

Socialization increases engagement, reduces isolation, and improves seniors’ outlooks. Lately, you may feel like socialization is more difficult than it was in the past. You may find yourself reaching out to friends or family through video or phone chat which is a great way to connect to others. There are also opportunities for engagement with others in the community. Look at the calendar for concerts, group discussion opportunities and other activities. You can also take a walk and smile through your mask at those you meet along the way. Any opportunity for social interaction can boost our spirits!

Intellectual activities boost cognitive function, stimulate the brain, and fuel lifelong learning. Discuss a new book or TV program with others, stay engaged in learning that you enjoy. Work new or challenging crosswords, math or language puzzles. Also, look for programs on Channel 1890 where you can enjoy Great Courses, Lectures and learning.

Seniors have valuable work and life skills that can benefit the entire community. Residents at Westminster share their knowledge by teaching
others, volunteering, building or creating something, or leading discussion groups.

The warm and comfortable environment at Westminster enhances life. Take a moment to enjoy our courtyards and green spaces; walk through the clean, bright halls; have a chat with the friendly, caring staff.

A strong spiritual sense can offer hope, strength, and peace. You can nurture you spiritual self through onsite worship services, meditation, religious studies, music performances, and more.

Here at Westminster we also offer caring, attentive support especially suited to your health needs—which enhances peace of mind for both residents and their families. Health support encompasses a robust list
of services for Health Services questions or information contact, Robin Akins our Director of Resident Health Services.

Join us virtually as we discuss how the 8 dimensions of wellness can be practiced safely in today’s environment.