Westminster Residents weigh in.

When folks find the ideal retirement lifestyle in the perfect location, they’re happy to let others know about it.

Here’s what some of our Residents are saying.

Janie Flack

Janie Flack

Resident since 2013

The exercise programs on our in house TV Channel 1890 are very helpful. The meals are great, and the employees delivering them bring smiles every day.

Janie is from Scotland Neck, NC who spent her lifework as a Librarian and Special Education Teacher.

Lindley Ray

Lindley Ray

Resident since 2014

I am doing so well. We couldn’t get better care. We’re so lucky to be here. The food is wonderful and all the different kinds of entertainment are amazing. Thanks.

Lindley is from Chicago, IL whose lifework consisted of being a homemaker as well as volunteering for Meals-On-Wheels.

John Eason

John Eason

Resident since 2009

All is well. Steady as she goes. I am very grateful that we are at Westminster during this global pandemic. Mr. Charles Borst and his organization are doing a superb performance in how they are looking after our health and safety.

John is from Cleburne, TX and is a retired Chemical Engineer.


Jack and Johnie Sue Hanks

Residents since 2007

We made the move to Westminster and we have never looked back. We relish the freedom at Westminster, treasure our friendships and know that we are surrounded by a caring team of professionals who always make us feel welcome and supported on every level.

Both native Texans who met in Austin some 60 years ago, Jack is a retired 3M executive and Johnie Sue is one of the community’s most active volunteers.


Bill and Joan Mueller

Residents since 2012

At Westminster we have been able to carry on with all of our favorite interests. We are surrounded by gracious Texans with fascinating backgrounds who share their stories and enrich our lives. We also enjoy living in the center of Austin near theater, the opera, the symphony, programs on campus and our church home.

New residents and California natives, William is a former Ph.D. in electrical engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, and Joan is an artist who maintains a studio in Travis Heights.


Helen Hooper

Resident since 2011

Westminster is a welcoming place that truly offers the best of both worlds. I see my family regularly and continue to make new friends. I have the opportunity to exercise, travel and pursue all of my favorite interests, so in a sense, Westminster has offered a new beginning that gives me a chance to keep growing on a number of levels.

Helen is a native Texan and former educator with a passion for music.