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Therapy Will Get You Back on Track

Photo of John Goodenough

a workout machine at WestminsterAt Westminster, we pride ourselves on the high caliber rehabilitation therapy our residents receive during their stay in our Health Center. Working in concert with our industry-leading partner, RehabCare, we provide the very best physical, occupational, and speech-language rehabilitation services for our residents. A prime example of our exemplary care are the results that Dr. John Bannister Goodenough achieved during his recent rehab stay with us.

Recently Dr. Goodenough was hospitalized due to Encephalopathy which impacted his upper and lower body strength, activity tolerance, standing balance and coordination skills. This presented challenges with his teaching schedule and scientific research. He was admitted to our Health Center to address the loss of mobility and self-care skills.

After successful physical and occupational rehabilitation, Dr. Goodenough demonstrated a significant increase in safety and independence in all his activities and the ability to walk over 300 feet with the assistance of a rolling walker. At 97, Dr. Goodenough was able to return to work at UT Austin where he continues his research. He was also able to travel to Stockholm, Sweden to accept his Nobel Prize. Our commitment to providing the highest quality therapeutic care to our residents ensures that Westminster is doing its part to enable individuals to continue to live to their fullest.

Dr. Goodenough’s personality is electrifying

Dr. Goodenough

When Dr. Goodenough, a recipient of the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the development of lithium ion batteries, is not working at his office on the University of Texas campus, he’s socializing with fellow residents at Westminster. You know he’s in the house because you can hear his vivacious laugh down the hall. Even though he’s approaching 98 he sports an excellent head of hair and a zest for life. He is glad to be here where people are taking good care of him round-the-clock.